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Appointed by Fate by Skye McNeil Release Blitz

Author:Skye McNeil Title: Appointed by Fate Series: The Mobster Files, Book 1 Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: September 30, 2017 Publisher:Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith

 On sale for half price! 
All others:

One of Iowa’s most prominent criminal attorneys, Joci Dorous is ruthless and devoid of emotion in the courtroom. It’s what makes her the best. Her most recent client allegedly committed murder and, despite a rocky start, Joci is determined to win Cameron Shearer’s case.

Since this is her first homicide, she has the support of a second-chair attorney—her ex who wants her back. To make things more complicated, her hunky cop of a booty call, Cameron’s arresting officer, isn’t quite ready to let her go either. Who knew being surrounded by three hot guys could be so deliciously exhausting?

As the mystery of the case unravels, she soon discovers the true reason behind Cameron’s impromptu visit to Iowa. It’s this knowledg…

The Paranormal Portal Anthology Cover Reveal

Title: The Paranormal Portal Author: Cheri Marie, Kris Johnston, Angie Brocker, Trinity Hanrahan, Alyssa Brocker, Stephanie Henry, Charlotte E. Dhark, Brianna West, and JP Hart Genre: A YA Paranormal Anthology Release Date: October 26, 2017
Nine authors come together to tell their own unique tale of paranormal accounts.  From ghosts, to witches, to demons alike, immerse yourself in these one-of-a-kind YA Paranormal tales that will be sure to leave you pondering the age-old question: Do they actually exist?  Decide for yourself in The Paranormal Portal, A young adult anthology.