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Raven by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell Blitz

NOW LIVE! Raven: Guarded Hearts Book 3 by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell
Available on Kindle Unlimited! Amazon Universal Link Amazon US Amazon UK
Nurse practitioner and midwife Raven O’Malley has no idea what she’ll be getting into when she takes on her newest client, who lives at the Citadel with not one but two handsome men. The other cadre members are equally attractive but it’s Cayden McPherson and Killian O’Connell who set their sights on her.
Raven has enough to deal with. A daughter, a puppy, a demanding job, and a mobster ex-husband. Now a blackmailer wants her to spy on the Citadel or she risks her daughter’s life.
The cadre members know there are forces of darkness to battle and evil exists in both worlds. Can Cayden and Killian protect the woman they love or will they lose her to enemies seen and unseen?
Shifters with a sci-fi twist, Guarded Hearts Season One (Books 1-7) follows m…
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Broken Promise by Andrea Smith Review

REVIEWER: RAYCHELRATING: 5 STARSWow! This is my first Andrea Smith read/listen and it does not disappoint! I was hooked right from the start and stayed throughout. It will keep you guessing and so many twists and turns. I enjoyed the characters and love Karlie and Nick's story. Excited to see where it all goes! Narrators  are absolutely perfect and bring the characters to life.

Rated-XXX by Mya Oh Reveal

Title: Rated-XXX Author: Mya Oh Genre: New Adult Romantic Comedy Release Date: September 1, 2020

So, this whole thing started with a dick cake. Literally, a cake shaped like a dick. Phallic confectionary. I spill a cup of coffee on the patron. We become friends. We fall in love.

Wait, let’s back-track a bit.

I’m Bailey Finch: twenty-four, living in LA, and working as the lowly Calendar Editor for a trendy Sex & Relationships magazine - think Cosmo on methamphetamines. I mostly take coffee orders.

I’m also woefully body-conscious, clinically anxious, and still a virgin. Not the cute, quirky sort, either. I’m a borderline train-wreck on my best days, and a dumpster fire on my worst.

But here’s the real kicker: the Dick Cake Guy? He also ends up being the best career opportunity to possibly fall into my lap. His name is Elijah Mattox: BDSM Porn Star prodigy, wanna-be mainstream actor, and the subject of my very first magazine interview.

Or at least, that’s how it started. There was …

The Salvation Society Reveal

Are you ready to return to Corinne Michaels’ Salvation series world?!? THE SALVATION SOCIETY is a collection of books written by various authors, filled with Navy SEALs, strong heroines, CIA operatives, and so much more!!! Check out who will be featured in the first set of FIVE books releasing on September 6th!Seconds by Freya BarkerAdd to Goodreads: Society Author Page: by Chelle SloanAdd to Goodreads: Society Author Page: by Esther E. SchmidtAdd to Goodreads: Society Author Page: by Chelle BlissAdd to Goodreads: Soci…

BULLY KING by JA Huss Blitz

🔥🔥 HOT NEW RELEASE 🔥🔥 Bully King by NY Times best selling author, JA Huss is LIVE! Don’t miss this dark bully romance filled with sex, lies, and secrets that will bring everyone to their knees! #One-click today! BLURBHigh Court College isn't for everyone. And the secret society that meets deep in the woods is even more exclusive. Only a select few will get in during the summer rush--and Cadee Hunter wants to be one of them. Too bad it's Cooper Valcourt's mission to make sure she fails.Bully boys.Arrogant tyrants.Blue-blood bastards.Call them whatever you want.Around here, we just call them Kings.Fancy boats.Lakeside mansions.Luxe watches and bespoke suits.The Kings of High Court College act like Gods.And Cooper Valcourt is the worst of them. He is the bully king.His family owns everything. And his mission is to put me in my place and send me packing.But Cooper and I have a history filled with secrets.And everyone knows that power doesn’t come from having money.It comes f…

Audiobook Tour for WICKED DREAMS by S. Massery

Wicked Dreams (Fallen Royals #1) by S. MasseryNarrators: Stephanie Rose & Troy DuranAdd to Goodreads: NOW!!! Audible: Audio: Ebook: loved me. I hate her.As a kid, she crushed my dreams to dust.She tore both of our families apart with one confession, ending any chance of happiness for either of us and setting off a ripple effect of chaos.Now she’s back as the new girl in school, and she doesn’t suspect the war that’s coming. She doesn’t realize the anger I’ve been harboring.I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to ruin her life, and it’s finally here.Because even traitors sleep—and I’m going to make sure she only dreams of me.Then I’m going to destroy her.This is a dark high school bully romance with mature content and themes. It contains dubious situations that some readers may find offensive. If you're looking for a white knight hero, this book is not …