Art of Loyalty by Monique Orgeron Blitz

Title: Art of Loyalty Series: A Stern Family Saga #4 Author: Monique Orgeron Genre: Contemporary Romance w/ Suspense Release Date: May 24, 2018Cover Designer: Erica Alexander at Serendipity Formatting In life there are things that will never leave you and loyalty that can never be broken. As a boy, Vincent Stern suffered abuse that continues to haunt him long after the physical scars have healed. His hatred turned into a need for revenge. That need turned into guilt that would never leave him, creating a darkness in his life, festering and tormenting his mind. But with all his darkness comes light. A woman he never even considered, could one day become his home. Does she possess the ability to save him from himself? Sometimes life makes decisions for you. Isn’t it funny how things turn out when life forces your hand?  In tragedy you do things you would never see yourself doing.  Choices had to be made, even if she was too young to make them. She will never regret those decisions, but she will also ne…

Whatever it Takes by Laura Farr Blitz

Title: Whatever it Takes
Series: Healing Hearts #3
Author: Laura Farr
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 24, 2018

When Quinn Montgomery leaves the horrors of her past behind her, she never expects to run straight into the arms of a blue-eyed cowboy. Sneaking into the stables and getting caught in a life-threatening fire was never part of the plan. And neither was falling in love with the man who saved her life, Brody Parker. 
The two share an undeniable connection, and slowly Quinn begins to open up about her past. Putting her trust in the wrong person has burned her before, so when Brody asks her to stay at the ranch, she can't help but wonder if she’s about to make another bad decision by staying. A decision that could hurt everyone she’s come to care for. 
Will Quinn choose to run from the past that threatens to catch up with her? Or will she stay and fight, sacrificing whatever it takes for the man who sets her heart on fire?


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Beauty and the Beefcake by Pippa Grant Boost

Title: Beauty and the Beefcake Author: Pippa Grant Genre: Sexy Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 17, 2018

There are two kinds of women in the world – those I can bang, and those I can’t.
My teammate’s sister?
She’s a can’t.
I moved in with her to protect her from a nasty ex, not to be the next guy in line.
She’s the brains.
I’m the brawn.
She’s the fruit.
I’m the sausage.
She talks too much.
I don’t talk at all, if I don’t have to.
Should be easy to resist her.
But every minute I spend with Felicity is another minute she gets under my skin. She makes me feel like something more than a dumb puckhead with a big Zamboni pony. And it’s getting harder to remember why I need to keep my hands to myself.

Beauty and the Beefcake is a vegan-friendly standalone romantic comedy featuring a hockey player whose vocabulary is the only thing smaller than a hockey puck, a book smart but aimless ventriloquist with too many voices in her head, a dilapidated old house that may or may not be haunted, and …