Love's Riff (Rebellious Youth Book 1) by Jenny Siegel Blog Tour

Title:   Love's Riff (Rebellious Youth Book #1)

Author:   Jenny Siegel

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

~ Synopsis ~

Most girls deal with a bad break-up with a pamper session and a shopping trip. Not nineteen-year old Taylor Devlin. With her confidence at an all time low, she immerses herself in music. It isn't just something she's good at, it's in her blood. 

So when her best friend convinces her to audition for an up and coming band, Rebellious Youth, she figures she has nothing left to lose. Only she didn't plan on catching the eye of sexy-as-sin lead guitarist Cal Jensen. Taylor knows all about bad boy rockers and has absolutely no intention of going there, again. Even if Cal Does make her feel alive, in the same way getting lost in a riff does. But it's hard to move past her own insecurities, and Taylor isn't sure if she's ready to let Cal prove that not all rockers are heartbreakers. 

She knows music can heal her heart, but what if only Cal can make her whole?


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taylor Devlin is a bass guitarist who has been talked into auditioning for a band by her best friend Laura who happens to be in love with the lead singer. Taylor went through a bad break up with her ex who was in a band and since then she’s been extremely closed off especially when it comes to men. When she meets the lead guitarist for the band, Cal, everything changes. Cal has issues but Taylor is just what he needs to heal and Cal is just what Taylor needs. Taylor learning to trust Cal is the most difficult part for her though, especially when there are woman throwing themselves at him left and right.

I loved the banter between the band and the girls. The way that Cal and Taylor meet is hilarious and I love that the author kept that humor flowing through the entire book. This is a fast paced read and I look forward to book 2!

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