Live, Love, Repeat by JD Corbett Tour

Live, Love, Repeat
Milestones Book 1
by JD Corbett
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Liz feigned shock. “Excuse me, but are you implying that I’ve become boring?”
Anne laughed heartily. “Your words!”
Liz placed a hand on her chest, still acting offended.
“Well, I did have to practically beg you come on the cruise with me,” Anne said, averting eye contact with Liz.
“You bought me a ticket for my birthday! Of course, I was going to agree to go.”
Anne shrugged a shoulder. “I was just saying that reading about burping babies and sex once a year on your anniversary got a little stale.” Anne sipped her wine, then muttered, “A lot less fun than reading about your best shag partner, anyway.”
Liz’s eyes widened but she had no retort. Anne was right. But adulthood was relatively boring. She peered out to the crashing waves. “I think I saw him today. In Atlanta.”
Anne’s eyebrows knit together. “Who? Your best shag mate?” She giggled at her own joke and took another swig from her glass.
“Seriously your best shag mate?”
Liz playfully patted Anne’s shoulder. “His name is James!”
“James. Shag Master. Whatever. When you were seeing him, the sex was all you wrote about.”
Liz rolled her eyes then nodded slightly, silently admitting to the accusation. “Okay, yes, he was incredible. But that wasn’t the only thing that was perfect between us. And after he left, I don’t think there was a day that went by that I didn’t think about him.”
“That was so long ago, Liz.”
“I know. But every once in awhile, I wonder ‘what if’, you know? Not that you can live your life always thinking about the ‘what could have beens’. But sometimes I wonder if he would have stayed, if we would have lasted. I think we both knew in the back of our minds that it would be short term. No commitments. Maybe that’s what made our relationship so amazing.” Liz stared blankly out onto the horizon, lost in the past. “If he had stayed, we probably wouldn’t have lasted. That’s what I’ve spent the last 30 years convincing myself of anyway.”
Anne sighed and dramatically said, “Alas, we may never know. But I do know that any man would be a complete prat to leave you under any other circumstances.” Anne held her glass up. “Cheers.”
“Cheers.” Liz tapped her glass to Anne’s. “And cheers to us turning 50!”
“Absolutely cheers to that! To our birthday cruise.” They clinked glasses again then both sat in silence, taking in the peaceful sound of the waves hitting the sand.

Liz was still gaping at the man standing in front of her, frozen with shock. She was at a loss for words, though, after so many years, there was so much to say. James didn’t give her much time to process things and pulled her into a brief hug. Her body stiffened in his embrace and he pulled away to lean on the railing once more.
“Wow. I can’t believe you’re here. I thought I saw you earlier when the ship was leaving the port, but I just assumed my mind was playing tricks on me again.” James ran a hand through his hair and a wide smile played on his lips.
Again? Liz shook her head, trying to formulate a sentence. Finally, she was able to slow the swirling thoughts in her head long enough to state the obvious.
“It’s been so long,” she almost whispered, then found her fingers inching closer to his arm. Maybe he wasn’t really there. Maybe she had too much to drink, and with the stress…and her medications…
James looked down at her hand as it made contact with his forearm. His brow furrowed slightly, but he continued to smile. He met her eye. “Is everything alright?” He let a chuckle escape and Liz swiftly withdrew her hand.
She pinned both of her arms across her chest, hoping to keep them from randomly touching people. “I’m sorry. I guess, I’m a little surprised to see you.”

James shifted to face her. “Today was amazing. Although not surprising. I remember having some of the best times with you.” He reached over and brushed her cheek, then drew her into him pressing his lips against hers.
Liz’s entire body tensed and she allowed herself to fall completely into him. She wrapped both arms over his shoulders and returned his kiss with a frenzied lust that she hadn’t felt in so long. She gripped tighter, wanting to hold onto him forever, to return to the time when he was hers.
James pulled away first and let out a heavy exhale as if he had been holding his breath the entire time. He kissed her forehead and folded her in a warm embrace. Liz felt his soft lips brush against her ear. “Spend the day with me tomorrow.”
“Aren’t your friends going to start to wonder where you keep running off to?”
James shook his head. “Nah. They’ll probably be passed out in their rooms until noon, anyway.”
Liz melted into his arms, suddenly feeling 30 years younger. A girl with no worries, no responsibilities, only love. She looked up into his blue eyes, his beard tickling her cheek. “What did you have in mind?”

Over the last 25 years, Liz Banner’s life has grown stagnant. Not that she hasn’t loved being a stay-at-home wife and mother, but she didn’t mean to lose herself in the process. And after surviving the most challenging time in her life, Liz realizes that life is too short, and second chances don’t come around very often.

With a milestone birthday approaching, Liz is determined to live a little. And when her best friend, Anne, gifts her a ticket for a 10-day luxury cruise, Liz decides it’s the perfect excuse to experience new things, and just take some time to relax with some of her favorite women. But her idea of a relaxing vacation gets thrown overboard when a few surprise guests make an appearance and attempt to win their way back into Liz’s heart. 

With a second chance at life…and love, turning 50 never felt better.

Jen Drapp, who writes under the name of J.D. Corbett, was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. As a girl, she was obsessed with learning and reading about historical and fictional characters; one of her favorites being Scarlett O'Hara. Jen has always loved writing, whether it was short stories about made-up worlds or even essays for school. She has recently had two contemporary romances published and continues to learn and grow as an author. Jen currently lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, daughter, and a 15-year old very fat cat.

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