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BREAK THE RULES by Roxie Noir Tour

Some lines shouldn’t be crossed. Some rules shouldn’t be broken.June is one of them, and I know it.Break the Rules, an all-new hilarious, brother’s best friend romance from Roxie Noir, is available now!
As a forest ranger, I believe in the simple life. I prefer cabins to apartments, trails to freeways, and trees to people. My life is orderly, predictable, and quiet. Until it’s hit by a woman I never saw coming -- Hurricane June. She’s fierce. She’s feisty. She has a laugh like the first day of spring, and she’s so pretty that I can’t breathe when I look at her. June will only be in town for a few months—just while job-hunting. She won’t last until winter, but how can I resist? Except I have to. She’s my best, oldest, and most loyal friend’s baby sister. Betraying him would be the worst thing I’ve ever done. Not betraying him might be the hardest. Especially once we start working together on a secret project. All this spending time together, sneaking around at night, and lying to her broth…

Exquisitely Hidden by M. Jay Granberry Blitz

Title: Exquisitely Hidden
Series: Sin City Tale #2 Author: M. Jay Granberry Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 26, 2019


He was everything I needed when I thought I had it all… As front man for the band everyone’s eyes are on me. I bask in the spotlight Because it hides the flaws. Everyone has secrets. Mine will ruin everything I’ve built. My career, my music, my life… But keeping this secret? It’s breaking my heart. I knew how we would end before we started And still I can’t resist him. Not everyone will understand. But I do. It’s simple. He’s the man I’m meant to love. How long can I deny who I truly am? Should I keep my secret or risk it all?


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The Sunrise Prophecy by Emily Mah Tour

Title: The Sunrise Prophecy Author: Emily Mah Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/Action Adventure Cover Designer: Linda Caldwell and Emily Mah Editor: Sally Gwylan and Trent Zelazny Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb: Liana Linacre thought she was in love, but what began as her fantasy romance ended with a curse that threatens her life and everything she loves. Orphaned and alone, she barely escapes the dark forces that want her soul. Corban Alexander belongs to an ancient order of vampire hunters and wants to kill everyone who is demon-touched. He knows that the creatures who want Liana dead will find her again before long. Liana must fight if she wants to live, while Corban must decide if he can love a girl who made the one mistake he believes is unforgivable. No one, mortal or immortal, has ever won against the evil that plagues Liana, but if she and Corban can work together, they might just defy the laws of the universe. Blurb: Corban Alexander has a dark side, and ever since a chance encounter …

DADDY ISSUES by Liv MorrisTour

Deliciously steamy!”--Helena Hunting, New York Times bestselling author Daddy Issues, an all-new, irresistible single dad romance from USA Today bestselling author Liv Morris, is available now!
A single billionaire, a young nanny, and a surprise baby. My life was ordered. Smooth and neat like my scotch. I had arranged relationships with a beginning and an end. No romantic attachments was my motto. Then I met Maggie. A beautiful, young woman trying to find her place in the gritty world of Manhattan. She deserved more than a jaded man like me, so I let her walk away. But fate stepped in and an ex-lover surprised me with a baby she claimed was mine. Desperate I hired a well-recommended nanny sight unseen. When she knocked at the door of my penthouse, I opened it to find Maggie standing on the other side. I watched Maggie lovingly care for my child and wanted to learn to be a father to my daughter. But having Maggie so close was dangerous. She was a terrifying ray of sunshine that threatene…

Everything's Better With Lisa by Lucy Eden Blitz

Title: Everything's Better With Lisa Series: Everything's BetterAuthor: Lucy Eden Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 25, 2019 When I first noticed Lisa Betancourt, she threatened me with a baseball bat.
To be fair, I deserved it. 
But none of that mattered when I found out I had a baby brother—a brother who is now left to my care. Too bad I don’t know the first thing about parenting. If I have any hope of not ruining this poor kid’s life, I need Lisa’s help. She quickly becomes my salvation, my heart. And even though our timing is all wrong, I can’t help but wonder how I can convince her to stay with me—with us—forever. 
Cole Simmons is just my insensitive jerk of a neighbor.
Or, that’s all he used to be. 
Now he’s in completely over his head, taking care of an adorable child that I’m getting way too attached to way too fast. And the scary part? I’m starting to get attached to Cole, too. After my nasty divorce, I was sure I’d never risk falling in love again—but Cole ha…