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Title: Tribe of Daughters
Author: Kate L Mary
Genre: Adult Dystopian
Publisher: Twisted Press
Editor: Lori Whitwam
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2018 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
For the past seventy years, deep in the mountains and totally secluded from civilization, a matriarchal society has thrived. In this small village there are no brothers, no fathers, no sons. In this village men exist only to serve the women, and boys have no mothers. In this village men do as they are told and defiance is severely punished.
This is the only Life Wilderness has ever known, but when Jameson is brought in from the outside to be her husband, everything she thought she knew about strength and love is tested. As they struggle to find their place in the village, they suddenly find themselves face to face with outsiders who threaten to destroy everything they love, and it doesn’t take long to realize that they will have to work together, men and women alike, if they want to survive.
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I absolutely love this book, it’s unlike any that I have read before so unique! 
A plague wipes out almost everybody years before and a group of abused women make their way up a mountain. They make it their own and put themselves at the top which is how it is 70 years later. The characters are interesting and I love watching Jameson and Wilderness interact, change. Over the course of a year not only did they both grow but also those in the village. Realizing that someone that has to change. I love strong women and I got a whole village of them. The strength that Wilderness has makes it so easy to love her and Jameson. This world that Kate L. Mary created is interesting and I promise you won’t stop reading until the end.
Kate L. Mary is an award-winning author of New Adult and Young Adult fiction, ranging from Post-apocalyptic tales of the undead, to Speculative Fiction and Contemporary Romance. Her YA book, When We Were Human, was the 2015 Children's Moonbeam Book Awards Silver Medal Winner for Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction, and the 2016 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Young Adult Science Fiction.
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