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In The Darkness by KM Scott & Anina Collins Tour

Book: In The Darkness Author: K.M. Scott and Anina Collins Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date:24th April #InTheDarkness Goodreads
BLURB Persephone Gilmore comes from a life of privilege. The oldest daughter of media mogul Marshall Gilmore, she grew up wanting for nothing. But her father taught her more than just how to make billions, and even though she could sit by the pool and eat bon bons every day for the rest of her life, she chooses to work as an ER nurse and live on her own away from the family estate and her father's security. Then one night, those choices come back to haunt her. Nick Hanson hasn't been truly happy since he left the FBI. Life as a hired gun for wealthy clients has paid well and made him very much in demand, but it isn't the same as the life he used to have. When Marshall Gilmore wants to hire him to rescue his daughter after she's taken hostage by a terrorist group, he agrees, but to save her, he'll have to go undercover and become one of them. I…

The Banished Lands by Benjamin Mester Blog Tour

The Banished Lands The Banished Lands Book 1 by Benjamin Mester Genre: YA Epic Fantasy Romance
A kingdom in danger. A prophecy that will change everything. But will they understand it in time? The old world is gone, and barely even histories remain. But something from that time is returning. The closing lines of a farewell poem, written centuries ago by the last great king of the age to his slain wife, might be more than just a poem:

The world and all its light shall fade, I'll stay with her beneath the shade And wait until the world's remade...
Join us in this epic fantasy adventure as three friends plunge into the great mystery of their age, twelve centuries in the making. A mysterious fog blankets the forest just outside the sleepy town of Suriya. A dark plot unfolds as Durian and his friends discover ties between a strange wanderer and the warlike barbarian kingdom far to the north. Are the mysterious things happening in the forest a prelude to invasion? What happens next will…

Damage by Jennifer Vester Release Blitz

Damage (Lakefield Book 5) by Jennifer Vester Genre: Romance Mystery Suspense Release Date: April 24th, 2018 Cover Design:
What if the pivotal moment in your life, hinged upon all the events that happened in your past?
Suzanne had survived, had endured. At least that’s what she told herself. So many mistakes littered her life, and she was determined not to repeat them.
Living in Lakefield, with the memories of a man she loved and lost hanging over her, she decides to embark on a new life. It’s a choice that will put a series of events in motion, that could ultimately save her or break her.
When she meets a man who isn't who he says he is, her reality is suddenly altered, and nothing is quite what she thought it was. Everything in both of their lives will dramatically change.
Fighting against their pasts and a determined killer, two people that thought they knew what defined them, will have to rethink what they know about themselves and each other.

Love at Last by Claudia Connor Blitz

Title: Love at Last Author: Claudia Connor Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 24, 2018

All new romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Claudia Connor…
How many times can you be unlucky in love before you decide it’s not luck, it’s you?
With her ex-groom's words, I’m in love with someone else, still ringing in her ears, Clare Franklin flies off alone to her would-be honeymoon. Forced to accept not everyone gets that happily ever after she’s always dreamed of, she’s done with men. Until she gets tangled up, quite literally, with one sexy veterinarian. 
The only thing Dr Deacon Montgomery wants is to share his surgical expertise and get back to his two year old twin daughters. But, the connection he feels with Clare highlights just how alone he really is and makes him wonder if he can be more than doctor and daddy.

Long talks and moonlit walks under the rustle of palms has Clare thinking maybe she gave up on love too soon. Until one phone call from home ch…

Sinister Love by TL Smith Release Blitz

Title: Sinister Love Series: Dark Intentions Duet #2 Author: T.L. Smith Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: April 24, 2018 He was a drug I couldn’t kick. I’d overdosed on him before. It didn’t turn out well. I was stupid enough to let him crack my heart, in hopes we would fall off the same cliff together.  No matter how much my idiotic heart wanted to love him, my head knew better.  He didn’t choose me.  He chose her.  That’s where the problem started.  Maybe that’s how it should end.

UNITED INDIE BOOK BLOG REVIEW REVIEWER: RAYCHEL RATING: 5 STARS Sinister Love is book two in this duet so go back and start with the first! You’ve been warned!! We pick up right where we are left. Two broken people. Saskia finds herself in hell due to the guy she loves. I hate that she seemed strong but at the same time powerless.  Ryken is king but it always comes with a price. At times I wished he would just walk away. But I loved reading their messed up story. It’s twisted and it’s not pretty but at this point…