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Crisis Alert
Divine Justice Series (Book 3)
Blurbs, Book Details and Buy Links

Crisis Alert:
Demons are growing in mass numbers and destroying vampires, mankind's protectors. To stop an outbreak of demons, the best field agents from the Divine Syndicate and Union of Justice must work together.

Anna and Zale hit the streets of Indianapolis to locate the demon masters and end the bloodshed. Although Zale holds biases against vampires, he's impressed by Anna's strong morals and commitment to saving the human race. He's drawn to her in a way he's never felt before. The need to protect her thrives deep in his soul. Anna can't deny her attraction to Zale. Captivated by the werewolf's nobility and compassion, she considers giving in to her heart's desire. But preventing an outbreak must come first.

Anna and Zale's struggles increase when the vampire leaders demand deadlines for exorcising the masters and reducing the demon population. Vampires are outraged over the increased destruction of their kind and want revenge. But killing humans is a crime. The UoJ will have to cease helping the DS to serve justice on those who break the law.

In a race against time, Anna and Zale must find the masters to avoid more carnage and the damnation of humanity. Their devotion to their mission and each other prevails as they encounter dire circumstances. But can they stop evil from ruling the Earth?

ISBN: 9780998682020
Released: August 22, 2017
Pages: 478
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
Price: $3.99
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance

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Time Machine Backups:Alliance Series:Crisis Alert:Crisis art:series banner 3.jpg EXCERPT #1:

The scent of his blood and sweat filled her nose. Her canines threatened to extend, but she held them in place.
"I need you to lay down," she said as she approached him.
Quiet now, he lowered onto the gurney. "And you're sure you can do this?"
"I told you, I have experience." She grabbed the bowl from the table.
"How much experience?"
She set the supplies near the side of his sculpted torso. She swallowed hard as her gaze lingered over the curves of his muscles. He had so many she found it difficult to look away. "There was a time when we didn't have a real office or medical team. We had to take care of ourselves. We cared for injured humans from time to time too."
She poured the alcohol over a few of the gauze pads and into the bowl. It had been many years since she'd last removed a bullet, but she remembered the process well.
She scooted closer to his hip. Thin dark hair covered a majority of his chest. A line of hair from his navel continued south and disappeared under his jeans. If her heart were alive, it would be beating fast.
"I need to lower your pants," she said as she unfastened them.
"I hope so." He scrubbed his forehead with his arm.
His sense of humor brought a smile to her face. "I'll try not to look."
He chuckled. "I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of."
She gripped the edges of his jeans. Underneath them, she felt the hem of his underwear.
"Your fingers are cold," he said.
"Sorry. Can you lift up a little for me?"
He did and she pulled his clothes down until she'd exposed the bleeding wound. Fortunately, she'd been able to keep his manhood covered, but barely. The outline of it underneath his blue boxers along with his dark hair tempted her to stare.
Swallowing hard, she returned her focus to the hole in his hip. Without wasting any time, she wiped the area clean and then picked up the tweezers.
"This will hurt," she said as she put her hand near his wound.
"I'm ready."
He watched her as she brought the tweezers down. More dark fluid spilled from his body as she gently slid the instrument inside him. The beat of his heart accelerated. He balled his fists tight. When she felt the tweezers hit something, she grabbed hold it. She glanced up and found him clenching his jaw while staring at her.
"Almost done," she said as she carefully pulled the bullet out. Blood flowed faster from the opening. "Do you need to change to stop the bleeding?"
She removed the bullet and dropped it into the bowl with alcohol. Before she could wipe the area with a sterile pad, he rolled to the opposite side of the gurney. His feet hit the floor with a tap and he groaned. While he shoved his pants all the way down, she caught a glimpse of a large tattoo on his back. It looked like lady justice holding scales.
Out of respect, Anna spun away from him. She'd never seen a werewolf shift before and wanted to watch, but the timing seemed inappropriate. His breaths were heavy. She heard snaps and cracks. His sweaty scent grew stronger, but another emerged. It held a more musky almost woodsy type of aroma. The thump of his heart increased. But the strangest detail of all was the wave of heat from behind her. It had to be from him.
She waited until the noises lessened before she stepped to the end of the table. The need to look consumed her. She'd even forgotten about her thirst. Unable to wait any longer, she rounded the gurney. Her eyes widened when she found a four-legged wolf staring at her.
"Wow," she said. It was the first word to pop into her mind.
The werewolf had radiant green eyes and thick dark fur. He was beautiful. He panted and licked his chops. Slowly, he approached her.


Hot and wet from his shift, Zale pushed his wet hair back. He felt much better now, stronger and full of energy. The pain in his hip had disappeared. The wound had healed and left behind a small pink scar. Anna had done a good job of extracting the bullet.
He brought his gaze to her. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stared at his naked body. Surely she'd seen plenty of men before.
She blinked and lowered her gaze away from him. "I'm so sorry."
He stepped toward her. "Told you, I have nothing to hide." He stopped in front of her and lifted her chin.
Dark circles had formed under her eyes. They hadn't been there earlier. Her skin seemed whiter and tighter around her cheekbones. The aroma of her blood filled his nose.
"I'm so embarrassed. It's just… Well, I've never seen a werewolf change before. And you have such a solid...body." Cheeks turning a light shade of pink, she pressed her lips together and looked away from him.
Her compliment revved his heart. From the way she blushed, he suspected she enjoyed his package.
"It's your turn to strip now," he said.
She veered her gaze back at him. "What?"
"Take off your clothes."
She lifted her palm up. "I don't think so. In fact, you should put yours on."
He couldn't help but grin. "You have bullets in you. I can take them out."
"I have nurses who can help me."
"Not the way I can." He curled his lips on one side.
She gaped at him. "I'm sure you can, but this isn't the time. The bullets—"
"Need to come out. I can do it. I have experience."
"How is it you've never been shot but you can remove bullets?" she crossed her arms.
"I helped a few buddies over the years. It's not unusual for us to get shot at least once every fifty or so years from hunters. I've just been lucky so far. Now, let's stop wasting time. I can help you." He took hold of the sides of her shirt and lifted.
She abruptly stopped him. "I can undress myself, thank you." She stepped back from him.
When she didn't remove her top, he said, "You have nothing to be bashful about. I've seen plenty of women naked."
"I'm not bashful."
"Then take off your clothes."
"I have nurses who can tend to my wounds."
"What are you afraid of?" He stepped closer to her.
"Then take off your clothes and let me help you. The longer you wait, the more blood you lose."

The officers continued to point their weapons at Zale and the two on their knees. The cop nearest the road kept glancing at her.
"Ma'am you need to stay back," the cop yelled.
She walked slowly toward them. "You're pointing a gun at my partner. We're undercover agents for the local government. I demand you release him."
When his partner turned his gun on her, she stopped. "Hold it right where you are."
"Anna, don't!" Zale yelled.
The two men kneeling turned their gazes at her. Their skin tone and lack of beating hearts indicated they were vampires. They looked weak and reeked of blood. Besides the cops and Zale's heartbeats there were two others nearby, but she couldn't see anyone else. The other two bodies on the ground were dead. The scene didn't look right.
She met the cop's gaze. "Lower your weapon."
She disliked tinkering with the minds of humans, but the situation called for it. Other law enforcement would soon arrive. She needed to set the vamps free and she had to make sure the humans didn't suspect their presence. The clock was ticking.
"What?" he said.
She slipped into his mind. "Lower your weapon. Return to your car. The two dead were the only ones you saw tonight. They shot at you first. You defended yourself. Nobody else besides your partner was here."
She removed the memories of the vampires and Zale from his mind. Slowly he lowered his gun. He had a blank expression on his face.
"Michael," his partner said.
Anna approached Michael. "Sit in your car and wait. Once I leave, you will not remember me either."
Michael began walking around the front of the cruiser.
"Michael! Michael!" the other officer yelled.
Anna met the cop's gaze.
He directed his gun at her. "What the fuck did you do to him?"
"Lower your weapon. Return to your car. You didn't see anyone here except the two men you shot. Nobody else was here, including me. Now, wait in your car." She drifted into his brain and plucked the memories.
The cop put his gun back in its holster. As he headed for his cruiser, the two men with heartbeats emerged from behind the other parked cars. They lifted their weapons while Zale dashed toward her. He grabbed her and shoved her down to the ground. At the same time the vampires kneeling shot around the car. She dropped her helmet and smacked the pavement while shots fired from the guns. The bullets pinged on the cop car and shattered one of the headlights. Zale used his body as a shield over her until the loud pops stopped.
"Shit!" he said after a few seconds of silence.
He rose fast and took off. Gravel crunched under his shoes.
"Zale, wait," she said as she hurried after him.
One of the vampires held a man by his throat, pinned to the hood of a car. The taller vamp held a man from behind. Gripping his hair, the vamp kept the man's head back and neck fully exposed. The vampire looked ready to sink his canines into the man's throat.
"Don't kill them," Zale said. "Trust me, you don't want to do that."
Anna came to his side. "If you kill them, you will be considered a murderer."
"They shot at us first," said the tall vampire ready to bite.
"This one is a demon. He should die," said the other vamp.
"No," Anna and Zale said.
"They need to come with me. I'm with the Divine Syndicate. I can exorcise the demon and then interrogate the two. They may have information to help me find the masters," she said.
"If you kill them, I will have to take you to the Union of Justice for punishment," Zale said. "I don't want to do that. So please, let us take them to the DS headquarters."
In the distance, Anna heard sirens.
"We need to go now!" she yelled. "More officers will be here within minutes."
They were out of time. If more local cops arrived, she'd have to either wipe their minds or come up with some explanation as to why two men dripping blood and with bullets were still standing. She didn't think she could handle the latter well.

Author Biography:

Mary is a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. When she's not working or binge watching television, she enjoys creating fantastical stories with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and/or other supernatural creatures. She often adds mystery and suspense to spice up her books. For the most part, she lives a quiet life in Indianapolis. She aspires to become a full time writer one day. She also hopes to meet a vampire, werewolf, or angel who will sweep her off her feet. Hey, a girl can dream. And Mary does.

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