When it's Real by Erin Watt Reviews

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Reviewer: Michelle
Rating: 5 stars

Paisley has exciting news for her sister, Vaughn, Oakley Fords manager saw her picture in Paisleys office and wants Vaughn to become Oakley new pretend girlfriend. He needs to change his image, to get the public back on board with him and his music, to not think all his is is the pretty party boy that they seem to think he is now. He needs a 'wholesome' relationship with an ordinary girl.  But Vaughn isn't exactly on board with this, although they will be paying her good money.

*** “Look, if you’re serious, the answer is still no. In fact, there are so many reasons for me to say no that I don’t know if we have time for me to list them all. But here’s one—I don’t even like Oakley Ford.”
“You played his album on repeat for, like, three months.” “When I was fifteen!” Oakley Ford was a phase. Like BFF necklaces and Hannah Montana. Plus, his antics got really unappealing. After the tenth or so picture of him making out with some random girl at a club, he got kind of slimy in my eyes.

Vaughn knows they could really use the money, to help her family out since Paisley has been working so hard to support them. And it's o lay for a year, it doesn't matter she has a boyfriend, he will understand, right?

Right off the bat, I was drawn into this story.  It was what I was expecting at all!  Yes, Oakley is a spoiled rich boy with an attitude and thinks every girl should think she's the luckiest girl in the world to even be in his presence. And yes, Vaughn is a sweet girl who doesn't care what others think of her and no matter how they try to change her image, she will still wear her ripped jeans and shoes that are more comfortable then stylish.  They wanted a sweet, wholesome, ordinary girl after all. 

The more you get a glimpse into Oakley life, you see there is more to him than just being the rich son of two famous movie stars.  He has real talent, and he really is sweet and cares for those that are his true friends.  Always being in the spotlight, it's hard to know who exactly is your true friends. 

The more time Vaughn spends with him, on her 'required' dates, the more she sees past his arrogance facade and the true artist that his is.  

The story drew me in, kept me hostage as I turned the pages, with anticipation on wether Oak and Vaughn would be able to overcome all the obstacles in their way.  

The characters are very well written. Vaughn is my favorite, she is sweet and sassy!  Just the way I love my heroine!  And I love her siblings, I really hope we get a story about Paisley!  Oak really redeems himself in the story and I became a huge fan once we saw his true self!  I really loved how they corresponded a lot via twitter.  Some of the tweets had me cracking up!  

I have been a big fan of this duo since I read their Royals series and this one did not disappoint!  If you like reading about a rockstar and a sweet hometown girl, this is for you! 

Such an entertaining read! I loved this book from the start to the finish. I could hardly put it down! There were lots of twists and surprises in the book, which kept it super exciting! Vaughn seemed like a very respectable and down to earth girl. Her tragic loss kept her holding on to someone who was no good for her. Oakley Ford was missing something he never realized he needed. I loved reading about their story and their coming together. There's even a little extra romance from an additional couple!! This gave me a believable perspective of someone who lived that Hollywood lifestyle. Never before did I even contemplate the things that go on when you're famous, but this book seemed like it could really be true! This will be one book I'll definitely read again!

It took me a few chapters to really get into this book but once I didn't want to put it down. I love the authors writing style. Oakley and Vaughn seem like they will never survive their year together. But the evolution of their relationship is charming and feels realistic. Oakley changes so much throughout the story and reveals the real guy underneath. I love the time they spend with his mom and Vaughn's family. I was actually sad when this came to an end and could totally do with more books about Vaughn and Oakley (but this does have a true ending so don't be worried.)


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