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Finding Perseverance 

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Ten years ago, Ryleigh O’Donnell let the love of her life go so he could follow his dreams. 

Now, she’s a successful bar owner, a loyal and fierce friend, and someone everyone counts on. 

She has everything she has ever dreamed of, but there is still a void inside her the size of a six-

foot-four professional fighter, Rook Wallace, who she is forced to watch on television.

When she finds her past hiding in the shadows under her fire escape and asking for her help, she knows she should turn him away—protect herself. Her heart doesn’t care what her mind wants, though, and she risks everything by letting him back into her life. She just has to hold on long enough for him to clear his name, and keep his career afloat, then she can go back to business as usual … at least that’s what she tells herself.

United Indie Book Blog Review
Reviewer: Amy
Rating: 5 Stars
This book is all about fighting for love, trusting each other whole heatedly, conquering fears and finding perseverance. Rook and Ryleigh prove that if you want it bad enough, you can find true happiness. 
Rook, Ryleigh and Trent were tight growing up. Rook and Ryleigh were happy until Rook got a chance of a lifetime. A decision was made and fast forward 10 years later... Rook is a famous fighter while Ryleigh is still at home working at the bar. Both are still haunted by that decision. Their love never died but there's more going on that they have to conquer.. While they have their issues like most couples, they must realize what is worth fighting for. I loved Ryleigh. She had to cut ties and really trust her heart in one. Rook had a lot going on as well but I found him so amazing. This book was so jammed pack but it was such a great book! While sometimes I wanted to smack some heads together, I'm super glad they got everything out in the open and was able to move on to get their happy ending.
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