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Demon Dialysis

by Jennifer Siddoway The Earthwalker Trilogy Publication Date: May 20, 2016 Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Demon Dialysis - Book One
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Inspired by the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale, Wynnona Hendricks finds herself caught between the realms of Heaven, Hell, and Earth, fighting for her right to live. The Demon Lord, Aidan, has activated her latent powers carefully hidden behind a mortal facade and now, she must conquer the Seven Deadly Sins or be sent to Hell herself as one of his minions. The only one who seems to believe in her is Caleb, the angel who chose to spare her life rather than risk the shedding of innocent blood, but by doing so, may have started a war between the factions, throwing the Mortal Realm into mayhem. Follow Wynn as she fights to protect her family from being ripped apart, including her mother, who isn’t what she seems.

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this book as the beginning was very slow but I stuck at it and I'm very pleased that I did because after the 1st four chapters the book started to pick up. After finding out Wynn had been promised to Aiden(Lucifer) by her own mother she finds herself on a journey, a journey where she has to face 7 demon lords to prove her worth and that she isn't a danger to anyone. With the help of old friends, new friends and an angel named Caleb we follow the start of her journey which is packed full of surprises. Who doesn't love good vs evil, witches, demons, angels, fae and heartbreak. I'm really looking forward to seeing what else is in store for Wynn and her friends. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

About Jennifer Siddoway

Jennifer is a Florida based, Indie Author who writes paranormal romance and fantasy for young adults. When she’s not busy writing or burying her nose in a book, Jennifer enjoys doing medieval reenactment with her husband and two children. Demon Dialysis is a contemporary Young Adult Fantasy and her debut novel.


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