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Battler (Battler #1)
Author: C.L. Masonite
Genre: NA/Contemp Romance Cover Design: Kari Ayasha - Cover to Cover Designs
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For years I have been cast away—afar, out of reach, out of sight, out of mind. But now I’m back. I’ve been brought back into the fold, and I don’t know why. But I’ll find out, no matter the cost. I’ll also break free from the shark infested waters littered with those that seek to restrain me, to keep me in line—my ex, my father, my mother, my sister. And as for the Wolfe twin brothers, I’ll take them on. And I’ll take them out too. Drasko Wolfe thinks that he’ll make me his—but I am all mine. If he thinks I am going to be just another conquest, and do things at his behest then he may do so at his own coroner’s inquest. I am not just fighting for my survival, I am fighting for my little brother’s protection, and that makes me doubly motivated and doubly dangerous. I—Riletta Kasonite will best them all and come out on top. I will bow those who seek to hurt me to my will until they renounce their lies—until they come clean and their secrets are exposed. Until I get what I want. WARNING: Contains countless confrontations, not to mention mature, young adult/ adult situations too.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewer: Lindsey
Rating: 3.5-4 stars

This is a truly difficult story to review for me because while I didn’t love the story I didn’t hate it either. One of the main reason I could mot dislike this story is because the author obviously wrote this story with so much passion. Drasko and Riletta story is a story filled with deceit, passion, corruption, and drama. There was never any moment in the story I thought that nothing was going to happen. Both of these characters’ life might seem easy but nothing is always as it seems and nothing in this story was as it seems. For me there were sometimes too much going on that I just wanted it to slow down a little so I can catch up. The saving grace for this story is the ending and usually I’m a hater of cliffhangers but when it ended I wasn’t glad I was kind of mad because I needed to know what happened
Riletta leads a life style of privilege but she rebels on a daily and her parent to avoid it coming to the light buys her way out but how many times until that no longer works. Drasko lived to please his father but as time goes he realize that will never happen. These two broken souls find each other but what will others do to keep them apart and broken. This story has a lot of key things going on but sometimes it’s a little too much. Even saying that I am looking forward to reading book two because I really have to know how this story ends.

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