Unforeseen Secrets Boxset 1-3 by N. Nieto Review

Unforeseen Secrets Boxset 1-3

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OMG!!! This is the first that I read by N. Nieto. I fell so much in love with Mandy and Josh. Also Collin and Sandra too. All of them had so much stuff that they went through. This book has every kind of emotions in it. I thought my heart was going to drop to the floor at times. I can't wait to read more books from N. Nieto. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, it's an definitely one-click buy too.

Review by Chantelle

Unforeseen Secrets Boxset By N. Nieto
Resurrected Secrets
Dispirited Heart
Secrets Of A Shattered Heart
Secrets Of A Shattered Heart Expert:
“The Bridal March” starts, and all heads turn to see Mandy walk out of the back door of the house and down the red, silk runway aisle. She is stunning in her sweetheart neck line dress. Her hair cascades down her back in long spiral curls. The sunlight dances off of her sparkling, silver tiara making a mini array of rainbows skip ahead of her on the aisle. Her bouquet of white and red roses snugged tight in her hands.
“Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here today to witness the magical union of these two beautiful souls,” the minister starts as soon as Mandy steps up beside Josh and takes his hand in hers. “They have made their own vows so, Joshua, when you are ready, you can start.”
Josh clears his throat. “Mandy, the day I first met you I had no idea you would change my life the way you did. You not only excepted the man I am, but you embraced the man I used to be. Although I’m no longer that man, you helped me open my eyes and forgive not only my father but most importantly myself. You brought happiness back into my life in more ways than just one.” He looks down at Emma in his arms before continuing. “And you showed me that no matter what, love does conquer all. I remember when I first asked you to be my girl, I asked you if we could be each other’s happy for a while. Well, now, I am asking you if we can be each other’s happy forever.”
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