Breaking Free of the Pieces by Shelby Reeves Release Blitz

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you book 4 in "The Pieces" series by Shelby Reeves. 
Breaking Free of the Pieces
Shelby Reeves
Release Day Blast
Brad Massey is angry and heartbroken; the girl he loved broke him by walking away. While at a party to ease his broken heart he meets a girl who lost a dare and had to spend a few minutes in a broom closet with him. It was supposed to be just one kiss but became some much more. It was intoxicating, she was his high for the night. Unfortunately for Brad he never got her name that night. Alex is a single mother, who works part-time and attends college full-time. She doesn’t have time to date with work and school add to that the baby daddy, Darrin, who just won't go away. When she loses a dare and has what has to be the best kiss of her life she realizes how good life can be with someone else and not Darrin. Down the road when Brad stands up to Darrin, Alex is taken aback. Though, she likes Brad and how he stood up to Darrin she plays hard to get, but Brad with his charm and wit eventually captures her heart. When Brad takes off back to Bowling Green to help the ex who broke him, Alex starts rethinking their relationship and where she stands with him. Can Brad leave the past in Bowling Green and move on to his future with Alex? Did Brad really run Darrin off or does he have a plan to take his family back? 

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Shelby lives in Sweet Home Alabama with her amazing husband and their energetic son. When she is not plotting out stories, penning chapters, or working as a Customer Service Manager at Walmart, you can find Shelby spending time with her family and friends, reading, and watching reruns of One Tree Hill. Shelby is obsessed with Harry Potter and Alabama Football. Roll Tide.

Shelby writes Young Adult and New Adult romance. Her characters go through tough times, get in fights, get their hearts broken, but in the end they will live happily ever after.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love isn't easy especially to be broken heart after knowing that you wasn't the one for them. Brad and Alex had many tough situations in this story but loving for one another helps make them stronger. Everything will not be easy to be loved or to love by someone but to fight for it is what counts the most.

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