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Title: The Sound of Serendipity
Author: Cynthia A. Rodriguez
Release Date: April 14, 2016
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So many things can happen to a person on a Central Park bench.
For Emerson Kingsley, falling in love happened, despite her broken monster of a heart.
Emerson knows more about listening than she does about love, whether it’s listening to artists as a music producer or listening to stories as she people watches.
Months of watching Maddox Bailey from a park bench are to blame for her infatuation. In her mind, the moment they meet will be spectacular if she ever finds the nerve to speak to him.
But when the two share an awkward cab ride, she realizes that maybe fantasies are meant to stay that way.
The only problem is, now that they’ve met, he keeps popping up in her life. Each time he does, Emerson finds the real-life Maddox to be better than anything she could’ve dreamed—sexy, passionate, and sweeter than his chocolate brown eyes.
A woman in love with possibilities meets a man determined to make them happen.
“Maddox will ruin any man for you. DAYUM MADDOX. Day-um.” – H.B. Stumbo, Author
“The Sound of Serendipity was the craziest, most epic roller coaster ever, and I never wanted to get off.” – Jessi Elliott, Goodreads
“Cynthia Rodriguez has went and knocked it out of the park AGAIN! Her writing is truly remarkable. Every single thing about this story was spell binding.” – Tarah, Book Queen
“This book was pure bliss!” – Mg Herrera, Goodreads
“The Sound of Serendipity has blown me away. It’s an eloquently told, unique story that will undoubtedly leave a mark in the romance genre.” – Erin, Southern Belle Book Blog
Cynthia A. Rodriguez hates writing her own bio. In her down-time, you can find her watching movies, ranging anywhere from classic movies to action flicks (she has a weakness for Marvel adaptations), and reading steamy novels. She is stationed in North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and their Miniature Pinscher, Winnie (as in Pooh).

by Amy
5 stars
This book is so beautiful. You get to bear witness to a sad, hurt lost girl making herself a strong, determined woman with the power of love. With love, she is able to heal in so many ways and pursue her dreams. She doesn't have it easy and has to work at it in private. Emerson is such an inspiring character. She's been hurt in the past, has a workaholic father who has only one thing on his mind and still grieving her mom's death. She sits in the park to people watch and reflect on her life. One of her favorite people to watch is Maddox. She fantasizes about what it would be like to be kissed or just held by him, just like all those women. A chance taxi ride will make all her fantasies come true. Maddox makes her come out of her comfort zone and live again. He believes in her and her dreams. They have problems like most couples but the biggest issue is that Emerson doesn't want the world to know and they hide in secret. Maddox screws up, hurts her and he has to earn her trust again. He does this in a remarkable way. I do love that music is huge in this book and in their relationship. It's been a while since I have read a story that touched me like this one did.. Reading this made me realize that people either come into your life for good or bad, you have to choose who you want in. I believe that Maddox was sent to Emerson to take the blinders off, help her heal and see her full potential of what dreams she can make a reality. Man I loved this book!


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