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 Title: Superstitious Feelings
Series: Soul Scavengers #3
By: LJ Winters
Publication Date: April 8, 2016
Genre: Ghost Hunters/Romance
Sullivan Wilde finds himself alone and wondering just what happened.  Olivia Emerson finds herself on the other side of the country without the Ghost Man, facing down her greatest personal demon in the flesh.  When Sullivan gets a video clip of the Soul Scavengers team's latest investigation, he's stunned. Tracking Olivia down, he rushes to make it to her side before the Devil Himself can swoop in and destroy everything Sullivan holds precious.  What was supposed to be a thrilling paranormal investigation at an archaeological dig site inside the spooky Superstition Mountains, turns into the team's worst nightmare. This time, it isn't the dead that threaten Sullivan and Olivia. Lost gold, a doomsday cult, and an old enemy all plot against them as they fight to stay alive.

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 “Twin flame?” he asked, and placing the pictures on the nightstand he turned to face her.
“It’s another way of saying, your soul mate. You’re my soul mate Sullivan, and I’m yours.” She nestled closer to him on the bed, her hand resting on his knee. “It’s said that Twin Flames meet lifetime after lifetime, sometimes as lovers, sometimes in other family incarnations. I truly believe we’ve been married to each other’s souls for a millennium or more.”
“How?  Like husband and wife?”
“Not exactly. I could have been your father, you could have been my brother or sister. You could have been my wife and me your husband sometimes. The common belief is that it varies. However, a few times in our earthly incarnations when we were lucky, we got to be lovers. Like we are today.”
“Fascinating.” His slow, sexy drawl created an uncontrolled tailspin inside her belly, and Olivia found her carnal-self needing him in the worst possible way.
“Yes. It really is. You and I are old souls, Sullivan. Children of the stars,” she told him, ghosting her hand down his arm. “You just had to wait a few years for me to catch up to you in this life. I’m just sorry for taking so long.”
Lisagh J. Winters is an emotional writer who loves pitting determined women up against hard, difficult to love men. Her stories read much like watching your favorite TV drama, where POV can sometimes head hop here and there, but you're always sure where you stand. Intriguing, strong-willed characters, their push-me-pull-you relationships and an uphill battle of wills are what drives Lisagh's emotionally rich tales. Angst is her middle name. When not glued to her laptop, she enjoys life with her husband, three dogs and seven cats. She also loves interacting with her readers on Goodreads and Twitter!
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Superstitious Feelings (Soul Scavengers #3)Superstitious Feelings by Lisagh J. Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series needs to be read in order, or you will be confused. This book starts off where book 2 ends.
Olivia and the rest of the Soul Scavengers team are off to California for a few weeks. Sullivan is no longer with the group and has stayed behind in NYC. Then early one morning, he receives a couple of text messages from the shows producer, his friend Arnav. When he follows the instructions, he finds out what Olivia and the rest of the team has kept from him. That, coupled with the fact that the team will be meeting up and working with the man that assaulted Olivia years before has Sullivan dropping everything and flying to California.
Once there, the team heads to Arizona to head out to the Superstitious Mountains. Known the world over as a hot spot of spirit activity and also the purported home of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold, the team heads out with their guide, David. A man full of his own secrets. All along the way, Olivia has had a bad feeling, and not only from being around Dale Bell. While they are heading up, you find out why the Soul Scavengers team and Dale have a long standing feud. Needless to say the entire trip is tense. Once they get to their destination, things go horribly wrong.
Will the team make it out alive? What does Dale have to do with everything? How does David fit into everything?
Just as with the other stories, the point of view changes and changes frequently. Also, it’s still choppy, but that is the author’s writing style. It felt to me that some of the characters could have been fleshed out a bit more, some felt a little flat. All in all though, it is a good series.
II was given a copy for an honest review.
Reviewed by Cryssy

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