Infinite (The Infinite Series: Book 1) by Nicole Corine Dyer Blog Tour

Infinite by Nicole Corine Dyer The Infinite Series Publication Date: January 9, 2016 Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Action-Adventure
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A SECRET WORLD. A THREAT TO ALL MANKIND. A FIGHT FOR A LIFE WORTH KILLING FOR. The Immortals are a group of men and women chosen by their Gods to protect humanity from the evils of the world for all eternity. Ryan, Anna, and their companions have been living the immortal life with ease as they secretly protect the innocent and enjoy the fruits of life. UNTIL NOW. The Immortals are about to face the biggest threat to mankind and the Gods they willingly serve — villainous Immortals called the Risen. The consequences of failure are unimaginable. They must fight their way through traps, traitors, and a host of deadly enemies, before religion is destroyed and along with it, the very essence of humanity. WILL THEY SAVE THE LIFEBLOOD OF MORTALITY? OR WILL THEY BECOME NOTHING BUT A MEMORY OF THOSE FALLEN TO THE WICKEDNESS OF THE CORRUPT?

About Nicole Corine Dyer

My name is Nicole Corine Dyer. I was born in Kansas and have two beautiful boys in my life.


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