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Title: False Illusions (False #1)
Author: A. Cramton
Release Date: April 25, 2016
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Madison had it all; the wealth, the amazing condo and engaged to the boxing Heavy Weight Champion of the world.
But in reality all she had was loneliness.
Until he showed up.
Yoel’s plan was bulletproof.
Get in and get out, win the title.
He did his homework but not well enough.
He wasn’t prepared for her.
One night changes everything.
One lie blurs the lines.
When the lust and smoke clears will everything just be a false illusion
Or will it be the biggest fight of all?
“We can’t keep doing this, I’m engaged.”
“To someone who clearly isn’t taking care of your needs, he’s probably never even home.” I step close to her, my finger tracing her jaw. “He has no ideawhat he has, baby doll.” Fuck, I said too much.
She looks away and then back at me, staring at me for what feels like forever. She knows I’m right, she doesn’t know how right I am. She doesn’t know that I know all about that asshole.
“We need rules if we’re going to do this,” she finally says.
I take a breath in relief. I can’t have her ruining my plans.
A. Cramton is a wife, and mother who was born, raised, and is still a resident of Sunny, San Diego, California. When A is not working a fulltime job and attending to her son and husband, she loves to indulge in a juicy romance novel. A is a hopeless romantic who is in love with love, and has a guilty pleasure for celebrity gossip. After being a part of Naughty Smutty Book Blog, and reviewing multiple love stories, A decided to pursue her own dreams of being a published author.

False Illusions (False, #1)False Illusions by A. Cramton
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Yoel & Madison

This story sucked me right in! What a pleasant surprise with this! Let me just say that the playlist for this book was EVERYTHING!! I loved how I could relate to the characters and the fact the Yoel was Dominican was even better I can just picture everything about him to the T. Madison I loved how she knew all the BS Marcus did and didn't fool herself into something else. I had a new respect for her by the end. I have to say I was sucked in I just had to know what happened next so I got no work done at work bc I started it while I was at work finished it in a day lol it was that good I'm so so excited to see what is coming in the next book sad it was kind of a cliffy but I'll be looking out for more books from this author!

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