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Pretty Dancer


Cora Graham

Pretty Dancer Cover
Since she was a little girl, all she ever wanted to do was dance...
But what happens, when the ones meant to protect you above all others are the ones to hurt you the most?
For Lilly, it was easier to hide within herself and her dancing.
Until the right someone comes along and gives her a reason to fight back. He helps her trust again. .She inspires him to dream again.
With one more performance, her dream is within her reach. Her past keeps her struggling for her future but will she let it stand in her way of her dream too?
Will her dream come true? Does she have what it takes? Can she overcome the demons of her past and find herself again?
Love, Humor, Passion, Artistry, a story of acceptance.
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Pretty DancerPretty Dancer by Cora Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To start I enjoy reading YA, am I a young adult? Maybe at heart. So I know going into any YA novel that I might connect really well with the characters or I might not. But again I think that is because I'm not a teenager or young 20s so I keep an open mind. Pretty Dancer was a little slow to get into, the beginning seemed to drag with the introduction to Lilly and whatever else she felt like telling us. The storyline is well written once you get through the first chapter, again it was just a little slow.

I felt sorry for Lilly throughout most of this book, I kept wanting her to break out and be her own hero. I like strong females and when Lilly danced that what she became. I connected with Lilly through dance, that's when I felt she was at her strongest. The relationship between Lilly and Carter was slow going and I had trouble figuring out what exactly was going on with them. Carter seems a older than his years and is sweet. Overall, I enjoyed reading Pretty Dancer and it is a great YA read.

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