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The Perfect Live by Erin Noelle Trailer & Excerpt Reveal

Title: The Perfect Life Author: Erin Noelle Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 31 I had the perfect life. The perfect husband. Colin Cassidy—the incredibly talented, extremely gorgeous, and unbelievably humble star NFL quarterback. The perfect marriage. Our bond was unbreakable. His support unwavering. The perfect career. As the recently-appointed executive director for the Boston chapter of Mending Hearts, a child abuse prevention and treatment program, my daily reward was helping to keep vulnerable, innocent children from being preyed upon and destroyed. It’s all I’d wanted to do since I was a teenager. Perfect city. Perfect car. Perfect house with the perfect view. From the outside looking in, it was impossible to find a single flaw in my life. I had it all. Everything I’d ever wanted. But that kind of perfection came at a price. Demanded the ultimate sacrifice. What happened when I discovered what I’d been missing all along?

Ryker by Harper Bentley Release Blitz

Title: Ryker (The Powers That Be #4) Author: Harper Bentley Release Date: Dec 31, 2015 Find on Goodreads Ryker Powers was the biggest prick I’d ever met. He was also my biggest mistake. He’d taken what he wanted then left, and I detested him for it. Not that the jerk had cared to stick around long enough to know how I felt. Everyone thought he was a perfect gentleman with all his quiet intensity but I knew better. I knew he had a filthy mouth. That he liked things dirty. He may have had people fooled into thinking he was a nice guy but I knew exactly who he was. He was a bad boy who’d ask for a light from the devil himself. And I wanted to see him burn. Until I realized—to my utter horror—that what I really wanted was him. Who was going to get burned now? Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes USA Today Best Selling author Harper Bentley writes about hot alpha males who love h

Never Tied Down (Never Duet #2) By Anie Michaels Release Blitz

Title: Never Tied Down Series: Never Duet #2 Author: Anie Michaels Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date:  December 29, 2015 I miss him.  I miss Marcus.  I miss Riot.  I miss them.  Pushing Riot away when Marcus died was an act of desperate self-preservation. I didn’t love him any less, didn’t blame him for Marcus’ death, but I couldn’t be with him and deal with the crushing weight of guilt that tore me down every single day.  So, I moved on. Or tried to, anyway.  Life, of course, pushed us back together.  I still don’t know if I’m strong enough to keep myself away from him. Or if I even want to.  Besides, something tells me life isn’t done trying to break me. “Anie Michaels has this writing style that I absolutely LOVE! She captivates her readers and she knows when at the right moment to throw in a twist and turn. I highly recommend Never Tied Down!!! This book is hands down five amazing stars!!