Amy's reviews of Man of My Dreams & Back to You by Faith Andrew's

This is a story of what ifs and making sure you made the right decisions for your life. Declan and Mia are married with two beautiful daughters. They have the perfect marriage until it rocked from one stupid decision. They decide to separate and during that time, Mia has a high school reunion and runs into a old crush. She decides to keep hanging out with him to see what could happen but as soon as things are looking up, her world is rocked once again and she realizes she had the best all along. This was a really good book.

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So this is the story of what Declan and Mia do after everything that happened. Declan hasn't wanted to talk it out but Mia is determined to talk it out. Declan decides that they need time to reconnect and plans a trip of relaxation. During this time, they finally talk it out which in turns makes them stronger than ever and they decide to have a re-commitment ceremony. They rush home to the girls and start their lives together. Declan has also decided to make some choices and cut back his work load. He also writes their love song and it blows me away. This book was a very sweet and shows that no matter how long you been married, its not perfect.

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